Foamed concrete

Foamed concrete is a liquid base material that is a mix of cement, water and where necessary sand or other additives. A stable foam is added to this liquid base material during pumping to the processing location. Foamed concrete fits in perfectly with our durable construction philosophy. That is why it has gained enormously in popularity in recent times.

Characteristics of foamed concrete:

The specific mass of foamed concrete can be varied by varying the amount of foam that is added.



Kerkstoel foamed concrete offers you certainty and quality. Since we have our own modern concrete works and a large fleet of concrete mixer trucks, we can always guarantee perfect timing and optimum service. Now discover the other advantages of foamed concrete:

Perfect timing

Since we have our own concrete works, a large fleet of concrete mixer trucks and a rapid concrete pumping service we are able to perfectly time delivery of your foamed concrete. Everything is co-ordinated centrally.

How to handle foamed concrete safely?

Safety is our highest priority. For that reason we have developed a detailed safety brochure which we will be pleased to send on request.

Would you like to order foamed concrete?