Production process

Kerkstoel Beton continuously invests in an optimised production process for all its concrete products. All our products are regularly subjected to quality checks in the laboratory. 


Kerkstoel Beton is also committed to an ecologically responsible production process. We completely separate and recycle concrete waste.


  • The production process starts with the unloading of raw materials at our quayside. Sand and stones are delivered by cargo ships and cement by standard road transport and stored in cement silos.
  • All raw materials are transported via conveyor belts from the holding silos to the main plant. The mixing plant is the epicentre of the production process.
  • A control room provides all the instructions that are necessary for the accurate and automatic measurement of the necessary raw materials. Control room input is necessary, but remains limited in an otherwise fully automated production process. This enables us to work accurately, fast and efficiently and to offer high-quality products.
  • At the end the exact amount of water is added to the mixer.


The end result? A strong, high-quality product!

Raw materials

The strategic location of Kerkstoel Beton in Grobbendonk alongside the Albertkanaal and near the exit of the E313 (motorway between Antwerp and Hasselt) is an extra advantage. This allows us to have raw materials (sand and stones) delivered by cargo ship. After all, one ship can handle 100 times a lorry on the road.


The quayside contains large structured storage space for all our high-quality raw materials. After all, these form the basis for all our products such as foamed concrete, screed, concrete for road building and stabilised sand. We have invested in a fully automated underground raw materials processing plant. This allows a fast switchover of the production process for the various products that are made in Grobbendonk.


Thanks to our continuous care for quality products, Kerkstoel Beton was awarded the BENOR quality label for ready-mix concrete.