Because Kerkstoel has invested heavily over the past few years in a modern and varied fleet of vehicles, we can offer great operational flexibility, both on large and small sites.


Our fleet is entirely centrally co-ordinated. This enables us to deliver perfectly on time.

Concrete pumps



Kerkstoel Beton's powerful concrete pumps always deliver excellent work.


  • We pump concrete as efficiently as possible
  • We always work fast and provide high quality
  • Direct via the mixers into the concrete pump
  • Extremely high capacity
  • Pumping high or far ... nothing is a problem for us!
  • Can even get to difficult-to-reach places.
  • We always do careful work.

For all types of work

Large or small construction projects, for floors, walls, foundations etc. Our fleet includes concrete pumps ranging from large to small, with a maximum chute length of 52 m and even handy city pumps.

Always competitive

When you choose Kerkstoel concrete pumps, you can always be sure of a competitive solution. Among other things because you save on man hours...

Working more safely

Our concrete pumps carry out the heavy work for you. Extreme risks involving cranes and heavily loaded wheelbarrows are a thing of the past.

Perfect timing

Because we have our own concrete works, a large fleet of concrete mixer trucks and a rapid concrete pumping service we are able to perfectly time delivery of your ready-mix concrete. Everything is co-ordinated from one central point.

How to handle fresh concrete safely?

Safety is our highest priority. For that reason we have developed a detailed safety brochure which we will be pleased to send on request.

Would you like to order?

Ring and order: 014 50 77 62 or 014 50 00 31

We can also supply you with screed, masonry mortar, ready-mix concrete and stabilised sand.