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Do you require ready-mix concrete, stabilised sand or masonry mortar on site? Welcome to the quality supplier Kerkstoel Beton.

Kerkstoel Beton is part of the Kerkstoel Group. Since we were founded we have grown into a renowned company in the ready-mix concrete sector. What’s the secret of our success? Our many years of experience, know-how, continual innovation and investment. But also – and most of all – our 25 employees who are the foundation of our company.


We supply top-quality BENOR certified ready-mix concrete with guaranteed pressure resistance, durability and product-specific features. But we have plenty more to offer you. We can also supply you with screed, stabilised sand, mortar and foamed concrete. Since we have our own concrete works, a large fleet of concrete mixer trucks and a rapid concrete pumping service we are able to time each delivery perfectly.


Want to know more? Then start your exploration of our site or, even better: contact us.

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Stabilised sand

Stabilised sand is a mixture of various types of sand to which an amount of cement and a minimum of water is added. Because of its many uses, stabilised sand is used a great deal in the construction industry, both for small and large projects, new-builds and renovations.


In contrast to concrete, stabilised sand is water-permeable. Stabilised sand is also known for its strength, processability and processing time (maximum 3 hours).

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Foamed concrete

Foamed concrete is a liquid base material that is a mix of cement, water and where necessary sand or other additives. A stable foam is added to this liquid base material during pumping to the processing location. Foamed concrete fits in perfectly with our durable construction philosophy. That is why it has gained enormously in popularity in recent times.

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Self compacting concrete

Self compacting concrete is an extremely liquid type of concrete which therefore does not require compacting after it has been poured. Because of its special composition, self compacting concrete is able to fill formwork completely, despite the presence of a dense mesh or other obstacles. This makes it ideal for use with (precast) beams, columns, stairs etc.


Self-compacting concrete obviously always remains consistent during transport, pumping and processing.

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